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                                    WLP-208 Average particle size


                                        WLP-208 average particle size analyzer: This instrument is in the WLP-205 instrument with the addition of a pressure calibration device. The school is being used in the test device can be easily pressed powder to the required pressure on the (international common-inch or 50-pound force • 22.7kgf • cm), so that testing is more convenient, stable performance, good reproducibility, other The main technical indicators and WLP-205-type the same as the average particle size analyzer.
                                    Main Technical Specifications
                                    1, particle size measurement range: 0.2μm (micron) ─ 50μm (microns)
                                    2, porosity range :0.25-0 .40,0.40-0.80,0.80-0.95
                                    3, Accuracy: 3%
                                    4, the working environment: less than 80% relative humidity, temperature: 25 ± 10 ?BR> 5, Power: ?220 ± 22v 50-60Hz
                                    6, Power: 50W
                                    7, Weight: 28Kg
                                    8, Size: 1000 × 430 × 5203

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