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                                    China should promote good laboratory practices the internationalized development


                                        On November 1, 4, by state certification and accreditation in Beijing hold good laboratory practices GLP "(hereinafter referred to as" international seminar GLP inspector training class, aims to further promote and strengthen our good laboratory practices monitoring system construction, strengthen the laboratory GLP ability.

                                        Seminar, the organization for economic cooperation and development (OECD) environmental, health and safety agency director Ms. Turnheim introduced to China international ladies Dian GLP developments, and share the OECD countries joined the OECD/GLP
                                    MAD experience, and with the related departments of China and experts discusses how China become more deeply involved in OECD environmental, health and safety department work.
                                        According to information, the OECD/GLP is by the organization for economic cooperation and development write a complete set of lab management rules and regulations, the purpose is to ensure the safe chemical products of high quality, reliability and safety testing data approbated each other, at the same time avoid repetition tests for governments and enterprises brought unnecessary waste. GLP originating in drug research, thereafter concept gradually extended to other poisonous or harmful substances laboratory safety evaluation, as well as all kinds of health products related laboratory evaluation, and even the most inspection of clinical laboratory management. At present already covered with human health all the laboratory research work. According to the OECD/GLP principle of chemical testing data obtained in the mutual recognition agreements, can accept, and as a member of protect human health and environment safety evaluation.
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